This document was drafted primarily by Harper Reed, Cari Spivack, and Andrew Trask. It was written in an effort to unite a lot of the concerns and feedback we were hearing in our conversations around Exposure Notification.

We kicked off a frantic editing process and were very lucky to have the following people help out:

Andrew Trask
Cari Spivack
Clara Fischer
Dana Lewis
Harper Reed
Martin Hacker
Scott Leibrand
Sebastian Presiner
Tina White

If you want to see the history and the progress feel free to view our google doc where the editing occured.

A big shoutout and thanks to Aaron Salmon for the design and IA work.

Signatories of the Individual Data Rights for Exposure Notification

The following organizations have joined us in upholding this data rights framework:

Other notable privacy principles

It is worth noting that we stand on the shoulders of those who came beforehand. We found that a lot of folks were defining similar data frameworks and we were happy to see that we share a lot of ideas. We found the following very helpful and influential:

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